Smartly written, Nothing but Trouble after Midnight pulled me in from the very first page. Blackadar creates a world in which real people encounter the joys of youthful innocence, as well as the disappointment and disillusionment that sometimes comes with experience. Audiences of all ages will be enthralled by this amazing story.

~Mindy F., English teacher

 Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is an exceptional book with a very important message. The characters are brought alive so well that I found myself fully connected to the story and couldn’t stand to put the book down until I was finished.

~Melissa L., writer

A compelling read from page one to the very end. Blackadar creates a word that is both relatable and realistic to the reader.  Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is an honest book that offers everyone a thoughtful insight into the life of teenagers today.

~Lori V., Director of Student Ministries

Blackadar’s Nothing but Trouble after Midnight is an excellently crafted and poignant story of a young girl’s struggle with peer groups, first love, betrayal, lost innocence and moving on. Intriguing plot. Completely unexpected climax! A must read for teenagers, parents and anyone else who ever found fitting in, falling in love and finding themselves a difficult part of life’s journey! Great Job! Looking forward to the next one!
~Lindsey K., poet, songwriter, and singer
Kimberly Blackadar uses extraodinary words and pictures to create the life of teenagers. She uses life experiences to make a complete story. Pick up your copy on Halloween!
~Matthew E., high school student

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  1. Blackadar addresses a difficult subject carefully with honor and an uncanny understanding of the victim, her family and her friends. As a licensed therapist, I can recommend this book on so many levels for young people, and adults, as well. There are so many topics in this book that warrant discussing with young people today. I urge both mothers, and daughters, to read this book and discuss the issues at hand. The lessons that Chloe Preston learns are beneficial to anyone struggling with adversity. And, although you will need a box of tissues when reading this novel, the tears will make way for the rays of hope.

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